For all our members we offer the opportunity to work towards your belts and undertake gradings.  It is entirely optional – you do not have to do gradings, you can simply come along to train and get fit in a friendly Club with great support.

Gradings do require commitment and will be taken together as a group on a specific day at certain times throughout the year.  You will be expected to demonstrate your technique and skills learnt for the syllabus you are studying. Many people get a huge sense of achievement from undertaking gradings and from personally challenging themselves to strive for power, strength, agility, technique and mental strength.

Of course they aren’t for everyone – you can still train and enjoy the classes.  Most importantly, don’t let gradings phase you.  They are about self progress and self grading…and remember to be honest with yourself.

If you would like to start your gradings, are a member and would like to practice against the syllabus, complete the form below and we’ll email you back the appropriate grading syllabus, or please ask us in class and we’ll be happy to talk you through.

Please note: There is a nominal fee for gradings which is charged separately.  Ask in class for details.

If you’re not already a member, we do ask that you join after two classes for insurance purposes.  You can then take advantage of the class bundles which work out as a cost effective way to train. Ask us for details next time you’re in class.