We’ve tried to answer a few common questions here.  There is more about us here. If you have specific question, please do contact us. Otherwise, come along and see us!

1. What do I do if I want to come to a class?

Just come along! There is no need to book or call us, come along and try one of the classes for free.  You can then choose to pay as you go or buy a monthly package.

 2. Do I need to be fit?

All fitness levels are welcome so don’t worry about your fitness level.  Everyone starts at their own pace and you’ll soon see your own level improve.

3. What should I wear?

Track suit bottoms, a t-shirt or vest top.  The class is in bare feet on a matted floor.  Bring some water along too!

4. Are classes suitable for everyone?

Classes are suitable for all levels and we have new comers starting all the time, so you will always fit in and everyone is very friendly. With more than one instructor per class it means we can accommodate newcomers and advanced students.  Still not sure, come down and see for yourself.

5. Are classes mixed?

Classes are mixed,  all levels and taken with respect for each other.

6. Are there any age limits?

Our Lion Cubs classes start from 5 years old, and you could continue to 65 depending on your physical ability.

7. I’ve never done martial arts before? 

Neither have lots of newcomers.  Don’t worry about it, come along to a safe and friendly environment and give it a go.

8. How do I become a member?

If you want to join, the best thing to do is come along and try a class, then you can get all the membership details.  We have annual membership which covers your licence and insurance.  We do ask that after two classes, if you wish to continue you join to cover insurance.  To find out more about joining come along or contact us.

9. Can I do my belts/gradings?

Yes, we have a grading system and all classes work towards the syllabus from white to black belt.  Gradings will take place in a group environment on a set day.  Gradings are entirely optional.

10. Do I need a uniform and where can I buy it?

No, when you join you will be given a Club t-shirt and can where black bottoms of your own choice.  You can also purchase an additional Club t-shirt or vest.  We do ask that you try to wear your Club t-shirt or vest to class though.

11. Do I need any equipment?

We have all the equipment you need as a newcomer. We ask that once you join and start to regularly train that your get your own gloves and pads – mainly for hygiene reasons and it is always nicer to wear your own kit.  If you do sparring or want to try it, we can initially loan you protective clothing and then you will need to buy your own.

12. Do you have any sparring classes?

Once you have joined, sparring is optional, although if you wish to do grading, sparring does make up a certain amount of the grading.  Sparring is light contact,  with full protective clothing and under full supervision.

13. Do you have children’s classes?

Yes, we offer children’s classes through our Lion Cubs kickboxing and self defence classes. The classes cover confidence building activities, encourage respectful behaviour and teach children to be self aware – all good things to take them forward in the World today.

We look forward to seeing you at class soon!  Alternatively, contact us here.